Quick AC Repair Service in Greater Kansas City Area

Need a quick and professional repair on a broken AC?

Steve's Heating & Cooling is Kansas City's trusted HVAC company to provide reliable AC repair service for homes and businesses. With a team of skilled air conditioning repair technicians, we are able to handle whatever problem you have with your cooling system. Call Steve's to get your AC blowing cold again ASAP!

No matter what brand of air conditioner you have, we can service it. Our team is trained in repairing all types of air conditioning and cooling systems. Give Steve's a call for a quick AC repair to get your home feeling cool again - (816) 436-8475.



Hearing weird sounds coming from your air conditioner? Does your AC seem to have to work harder to keep your home cool? Even if your air conditioner is still blowing out some cool air, you may notice other signs that these that indicate something is not quite right.

Should you call for an AC repair for something that seems like a small problem?

Yes. Even if you have a minor issue, perhaps something is dirty and clogged, or a little part is loose. But little issues usually only need quick, inexpensive repairs if you get them handled right away. If you wait, these types of little issues can quickly turn into big problems.

An HVAC system requires a lot of different components to work to consistently put out cool air. If any of the components are not working properly, the whole HVAC system could become damaged. In addition, your AC will not operate efficiently. The 1st sign of an air conditioner problem is sometimes an energy bill that is higher than it should.




Call Steve's Heating & Air Cooling for the repair you need at (816) 436-8475. We service homes and businesses in the greater KCMO area.

If your broken AC is beyond repair, our certified technicians can fully replace your system with the installation of a new air conditioner.



The best way to prevent your air conditioner from breaking down is by performing proper maintenance. Change your air filter on a regular schedule. Check out the various components of your heating and cooling system and do any necessary cleaning of your outside AC unit before the weather starts heating up for the season.

While you can do much of air conditioning maintenance yourself, you can have HVAC professionals come out and provide a complete and thorough maintenance service to ensure nothing is missed. Steve's Heating & Air Cooling technicians provide maintenance and tune-ups to cooling systems to make sure your system is ready for the next hot Missouri summer. Our checks and tune-ups can identify little issues. Handling small problems early on  can help you avoid big, expensive air conditioner problems down the road.

Call Steve's Heating & Air Conditioning for maintenance service in the Kansas City area at (816) 436-8475. We have been the trusted HVAC company serving Kansas City, Riverside, and surrounding communities since 1979!

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