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Meet the dedicated team at Steve’s Heating and Cooling, a dynamic group of professionals passionate about providing the highest quality of HVAC services. Our team, each member with their unique skills and expertise, comes together to ensure we meet your home comfort needs effectively and efficiently. With a shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we work in unison to deliver reliable solutions and maintain our reputation for trust and quality in the heating and cooling industry. Learn more about our team’s contributions below and how they make a difference in enhancing your home’s comfort.

Shaun Kilburn

While Steve was the person who started our locally-owned HVAC company decades ago, it’s Shaun Kilburn who runs the shop now. Shaun is the owner of Steve’s Heating & Cooling. After a decade of working in the heating and cooling industry, Shaun took over Steve’s to continue the company’s great tradition of quality service by a friendly, experienced team.

Hailing originally from Pasadena, California, Shaun went on to get his bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix. Shaun has a wife, Wendy, as well as two sons, one daughter, and a dog which is a Great Pyrenees.

When he’s not busy running the shop, Shaun keeps busy with a variety of activities. He enjoys cycling and considers himself a “Foodie.” And for the past five years, Shaun has been the Assistant Scout Master of the Order of the Arrows.

Wendy Nin

While Shaun Kilburn is the owner of Steve’s Heating and Cooling, it’s his wife that makes sure the trains run on time. Wendy is the Office Manager at Steve’s.

Wendy has quite the interesting background. She was born in Lima, Peru. Then at five, moved to Miami, Florida where she was raised and attended high school (it should be no surprise that she is bilingual). She went on to get her bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.

When she is not busy running the office or with her teenage son, Wendy has a lot of activities that keep her busy. She has been a member of the Lions Club International since 2010! She also enjoys several hobbies such as volunteering, cooking and dancing – she even performs Peruvian folk dancing!

Joshua Wilkerson

Lead Service Technician

Bryan Speker

Service Technician

Dylan Baze

Service and Install Technician

David Kilburn

Service Technician

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