Furnace FAQ

Below are a few of the Furnace (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about Issess you may have or questions about maintenance. The information is for both gas and electric furnaces. If you don’t see your question, please call and ask us!

What are the most common furnace problems a homeowner can handle on their own?

  • Changing the filter. HVAC filters are not changed often enough.
  • Change the batteries in the thermostat. The furnace may not work because the batteries are dead.
  • The furnace is not working because the breaker was shut off due to a power surge.
  • When moving around the equipment, the power switch on the furnace was accidentally turned off.

Useful furnace maintenance tips for homeowners.Furnace FAQ, STEVE'S HEATING AND COOLING, 816-436-8475

  • Have your heating and cooling units professionally maintained twice a year.
  • Change the filters in between HVAC tech visits.
    For 1-inch filters, change them every 30 days. For a 5-inch filter, change it every 5 to 6 months.
  • Change the batteries on your thermostat once a year. Old batteries may corrode the internal workings of your thermostat.
  • Have your ducts cleaned to avoid dirty filters and coils. Clean ducts mean cleaner air and keeping contaminants to a minimum.

What could be in a dirty heating and cooling duct system?

  • Dead skin cells.
  • Pet dander.
  • Toys and food.
  • A newly constructed home has a lot of sawdust and dust particles.

Why isn’t my furnace heating the house as it should?

  • The ductwork could be an issue. (clogged or too small)
  • The filter could be clogged and needs to be replaced.
  • Dirty ductwork could cause the system to run poorly.
  • Dirty ductwork can cause static pressure problems in the system.
    Static pressure problems can cause system issues as well as health-related issues.

Do I need a carbon monoxide detector?

Installing a detector is recommended if you’re worried about carbon monoxide leaks. When a licensed HVAC tech checks your furnace yearly, they also check for carbon monoxide leaks.

Moisture in the basement can lead to cracks in the heat exchanger, which leads to carbon monoxide leaks.

If your air conditioning unit once had a leak, it may have led to cracks.

A licensed HVAC tech will maintain your unit, look for such flaws, and may use a camera to scope the equipment.

What are the most important reasons to have your HVAC system maintained twice a year?

The biggest reason to have your furnace maintained every year is to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

When turning your furnace on for the first time each season, many things could go wrong: gas leaks, blower and inducer motor issues, and faulty pressure switches. And even though it may be hard to believe, spiders can clog up hoses. Part of furnace maintenance is blowing the hoses out, ensuring they are cleared of clogs, and making them safe and operational.

I have an Electric furnace. What can I do to maintain my equipment?

If your furnace is not creating the warmth it should, your heating element may have issues. Evidence of this would include a continual burning smell when operating. It is equally important to keep your filters clean with an electric furnace so the unit does not overheat. A dirty filter will keep airflow from going across the coils and unnecessarily increasing the equipment’s temperature.

Turning on your furnace for the first time each season may result in a burning smell for a very short time due to the dust that accumulates in the unit. But this smell should go away after an hour or so.


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