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Get Fast, Friendly 5-Star A/C Repair in Shawnee!

Need a quick and professional Air Conditioner repair in Shawnee?

Steve’s Heating & Cooling is your trusted HVAC company, providing reliable A/C repair service for homes and businesses in Greater Kansas City. Our skilled air conditioning technicians can handle any problem with your cooling system. Looking for a local, family-owned HVAC company? Call Steve’s to get your AC blowing cold again ASAP!

We service all brands of air conditioners and are trained to repair all air conditioning and cooling systems. Call or contact Steve’s for a quick A/C repair to get your home feeling cool again: (816) 436-8475.HEATING AND COOLING services for cities around Missouri and Kansas. Steve's Heating & Cooling (816) 436-8475

Don’t Freeze This Winter! Expert Furnace Repair in Shawnee

Don’t get stuck in the cold waiting on furnace repair!

Steve’s Heating & Cooling offers quick and professional service for your home’s heating needs. Our highly trained technicians can handle any problem your furnace may have.

Call Steve’s with your urgent repair and service needs today at (816) 436-8475.

No matter the type or brand of heating system you have, our experienced team can fix it. We service all types of furnaces and heating systems.

Ductless Mini-Splits: Heating & Cooling Without Ductwork

Need a non-traditional heating and cooling solution in Shawnee?

Ductless mini-splits are perfect for new construction, adding rooms, or needing more precise temperature control in specific areas. Steve’s Heating and Cooling is Shawnee’s expert in repairing and installing ductless mini-splits. These small units provide ultimate temperature control for desired zones and don’t require ductwork installation.

Mini-splits are a simple solution for many homes and spaces! They focus on individual spaces rather than every room, offering customization, flexibility, energy efficiency, and easier installation. These units give you excellent temperature control from a single room to a larger zone without air ducts.

Ditch the Dust: Duct Cleaning for Superior Air Quality

Have you ever cleaned your carpets and been surprised by the amount of dirt? Imagine the state of your air ducts, a crucial but often forgotten part of your home’s “respiratory system.” Duct cleaning is essential!

Filters are good, but duct cleaning is the best. Even with filters, ducts can accumulate dust and debris over time, especially if they haven’t been cleaned in over five years.

Breathe Easy: Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Shawnee

Looking to improve your indoor air quality? Steve’s Heating and Cooling has the best solutions for your needs, from air purifiers to whole-house humidifiers. We carry high-quality, trusted brands proven to provide clean air for your home.